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The Bobby backpack by XD Design is back for Christmas

The Bobby backpack by XD Design is back for Christmas

XD Design”s Kickstarter – success story continues. Just as the Bobby Anti – Theft Backpack is released, it is already sold out. But not for long! After the campaign”s backers got their backpacks first orders came in quickly and before too long the first batch of Bobby rucksacks was out of stock. Reorders are already on their way, so the Bobby is back in stock on December 11th. Since we do not want pressure for anyone around Christmas our advice is to order your Bobby in advance, so you can get the premium backpack stress – free and in time.

Especially right now in the wintertime the all – purpose backpack by XD Design wins us over with its high functionality. Be it at Christmas markets and other crowded events, the Anti – Theft Bobby keeps your belongings safe. Thanks to cleverly hidden zippers and pockets and anti – cut material, pickpockets have no openings to get to your valuables. The Anti – Theft functions are the Bobby”s core, but XD Design”s concept combines these features with state of the art design to ensure you will be in possession of a premium article. Reflective material keeps you highly visible in the dark on your way to and back from work. On foot, on your bike and even on a Mini Segway you are always visible to everyone. You on the other hand keep everything in sight thanks to the Bobby”s thoughtful design. The upper corners are shaped in a way that erases blind spots. To complete the Bobby as your perfectly suited backpack for everyday use the material is water – repellent.

The intelligent Design gives you more handy functions like adjustable open angles and ways to fixate everything inside of your Bobby. If you store a Powerbank safely in your Bobby you can connect it to the integrated USB charging port. That enables you to charge your electronical devices through an external USB port, so your Backpack stays closed. Additional luggage straps for further uses and reduced weight thanks to light materials complete a stunning promotional gift for clients and business partners alike. Or do you want to assure yourself of the Bobby”s qualities first – hand and put it under your own Christmas tree? As a promotional gift we offer to print your logo or corporate design on the Bobby. The backpack by XD Design with your logo on it is a top – class gift to promote your company in style. Order the Anti – Theft rucksack from Werbeartikel Dresden early and enjoy a Merry Christmas with one of the most popular promotional gifts of this holiday season.

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