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Thomas Gelmi realized his idea of a digital Scaling Board App

With his idea of a digital scaling board for visualizing coaching questions, Executive Coach Thomas Gelmi generates added value for the business-consulting and education sector

Thomas Gelmi realized his idea of a digital Scaling Board App

Scaling Board App

Scaling questions are a well-known tool in the work of coaches, consultants, HR advisors and managers. They provide a way of making „soft“ factors much more tangible and concrete. Until now, users of this technique were limited to notepads, flipcharts, magnetic boards, etc. for visualizing their scales. Now, everyone can have their scales with him or her, anytime and anywhere, thanks to the idea of executive consultant Thomas Gelmi that was realized with the support of the German marketing agency werdewelt.

While looking for an elegant solution for visualizing scaling questions, Gelmi was inspired by the available options. He was looking for a way to always have his scaling instrument at hand, given that he likes to go for a walk with his clients or meet them outside the classic business setting at times. In addition, he was looking for a way of documenting the results in an uncomplicated way without having to take pictures or save them in a physical file. The screenshot and e-mail functions allow for easy saving or forwarding of the results to the client.

„Coach and coachee can now work with the scales together instead of just imagining them“, says Gelmi, who is an experienced executive and business coach that also supports leaders in their use of coaching techniques, explaining one of several advantages of the Scaling Board App. „Visualizing the scales makes them more tangible for the client and addressing additional senses plays a supportive role in coaching or consulting as well“, he adds.

Scaling questions allow setting additional criteria to so-called „soft“ factors such as confidence, motivation, determination, conviction, etc., or for defining the current standpoint. This allows coming straight to the point and getting to the heart of things. „After defining the current standpoint, a useful next step can be to increase the client“s faith in his or her own resources by moving the attention from what is missing to what“s there already, just like moving a flashlight to what“s important for you. Thomas Gelmi uses this simple yet effective method in many of his conversations and explains that the absolute numbers on the scales are of lesser importance than the differences between those values.

The current version of the Scaling App is especially suited for experienced users who are already familiar with the use of scaling questions. A planned full version will contain additional background information about scaling questions as a technique plus examples of various scales and questions, enabling beginners or less experienced users to work with the tool effectively.

The Scaling Board App can be downloaded for free at the Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/scaling-board/id668003956

More information about Executive Consultant Thomas Gelmi can be found at http://gelmi-consulting.com/en/home.html
More information about werdewelt can be found at http://www.werdewelt.info/home/

High performance, pressure to succeed and responsibility reign at the highest levels in the world of top executives. There“s little room for doubt, fear and anxiety – let alone for the leader to be a human being with strengths and weaknesses.

As an Executive Consultant with international experience Thomas Gelmi is personally at your side in terms of personal mastery, self-management and leadership. He can be your sparring partner, for you as an Executive and as a human being with your own visions, goals, doubts and anxieties. Anytime, anywhere: at your office, on the road, in a hotel, at the airport, on a walk out in the green or simply in the comfort of your own home.

Movadis GmbH
Thomas Gelmi
Brühlstrasse 33
5313 Klingnau
+41 56 535 7996

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